know the test

Do you know what tests you can expect to take?

If you’re heading to college, you’ll take the SAT or the ACT, or both. Aiming for the military? Then the ASVAB is in your future. If you’re a college student contemplating graduate school, you’re looking at a GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or GMAT.
did you know?

The SAT has changed in recent years

Do you know what those changes mean for your preparation strategy?

The new SAT test has been redesigned to place less emphasis on vocabulary and memorization of fixed knowledge, and more emphasis on your reading, reasoning, and thinking skills. This means your prep strategy has to shift — you can’t simply memorize long lists of fancy SAT vocabulary words and expect to do well.

On the new test, you won’t see sentence-completion questions. What you will see are “vocabulary in context” questions, which ask you to discern the meaning of words based on their use within a larger passage. The test is designed to assess your reading, thinking, and reasoning skills, not just whether you know a bunch of obscure words. You can expect to see questions based on challenging reading passages, similar to the types of text you’ll encounter in college. The passages will cover a range of subjects: one will be on American or world literature, two will be on history and/or social studies, and two will be on science.

You’ll also see data-analysis questions which assess your ability to interpret graphs and charts. In our increasingly visual, multimedia world, you need to be able to evaluate and apply information that is presented visually.

Get the Help You Need

Once you know which test(s) you’re taking, you’ll want to make sure you’re 100% ready to succeed.

Our teachers are highly-qualified tutors with years of experience helping students prepare for high-stakes admissions testing.

We can help you take the test feeling confident, prepared, and relaxed. You’ll go in knowing what to expect and what strategies will help you earn your best possible score.

We recommend test preparation begin at least six weeks prior to the test, but we can customize a test-prep regimen that meets your specific needs.

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