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It’s Report Card Time!

Do you remember your early school years toting home a crisply folded report card to show your parents? Perhaps there were some grading terms when you were less excited to show that report card, but parent review and signature were required!

 Times are certainly changing! Several school systems in Hampton Roads now provide electronic delivery of quarterly grade reports. In case you missed it, the first grading term is now in the rearview mirror! If your school didn’t send home a paper report card, your child’s grades are likely posted in your online portal with little or no alert to their arrival.

Grades certainly aren’t everything in gauging your child’s academic progress, but reviewing the term grades will help you assess whether your child needs help in any classes and gives you a picture into larger issues that may cross subject areas. It’s time to celebrate their successes last term and look for areas where your child may need help. 

Here are three ways to help you get up to speed on your child’s academic status:

Access the Online Portal

This sounds simple, but it may require several steps to activate your account and set up your login credentials. Once on the portal, you’ll need to determine where report cards are listed! In Virginia Beach, for example, the report cards are listed under “Documents.” Be patient. It may take a day or two to get set up and have full access.

Look for Trends

If your child is doing well in most classes, but earned lower grades in one or two subjects, you can have a conversation about what is different in these classes. Is the subject particularly challenging? Are they having trouble understanding the material in that one class?

Dig Deeper

A quick review of the grades shows their overall grade for the term, but it may not tell the whole story. If missing assignments and late submissions impact their grades across subjects, this is important to know so you can talk to your child about the “why.” This is likely found elsewhere in the portal in the section where you can drill down into the “grade book” for individual classes. Is your child overwhelmed? Are they unsure of where to look to know what’s due?  

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed a thorough review of the grade report, you’ll better know how to help your child going forward. A conference with your child’s teacher is a great way to start if there are areas of concern.

If you find that your child needs more concentrated support in building time management skills, keeping track of assignments across subjects, or help with a subject or two, Tutor A Team can help! Contact us today to learn more.

Our tutors are certified teachers and experts in their subjects! We offer one-on-one tutoring in your home, so your child will get individualized attention at every session.


 Tutor A Team can help! Contact us today to learn more.