Summer Tutoring and SAT Test Prep in Virginia Beach Chesapeake

Here we are racing to the finish line of another school year! We have just a few weeks to go which should be a time for celebrating accomplishments and planning for what’s ahead. If you think your child has fallen behind their peers academically, celebrating and planning for next year may seem out of reach. 

In a recent article, Education Week reports that “high school students lost on average the equivalent of 3.4 months of instruction in reading, 3.3 months in math, 3.1 months in science, and 2.3 months in English even as schools continued to offer remote instruction through the worst of the pandemic.” This loss has a long-reaching effect on their learning and readiness and will take time to overcome. What can be done if your child is struggling to keep up with just a few weeks to go in the school year? 

Here are three ways you can support your child and get help:

Request a Teacher Conference

Now is the time to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher or team of teachers, even if you’ve kept in contact with your child’s teacher throughout the school year. Have a discussion about how your child has progressed this spring, and develop a list of areas for improvement that you can work on during the summer.

Get Details

In this electronic era, it may be harder to put your hands on examples of your child’s work. Ask for copies of work that shows areas of deficit so you can review them at home and understand. In addition, take a look at testing results (such as SOL tests) as another source of information. These results will help you understand the expectations for your child’s grade level and where your child tested. By looking at this information now, you can reach out to the school if you have any questions.

Seek Additional Help

Your school system may have specific programs in place to address pandemic learning loss. Ask for details and timelines on the programs and whether your child could benefit from extra help at school or during the summer.

Some kids work better with one-on-one support or need a combination of school-based support and individualized tutoring to make steady progress. At Tutor A Team, we build a team of support to help your child reach their goals. This includes the teacher, the caregivers or parents, and the tutor. We offer tutoring year-round and find that summer tutoring can be just the right fit for many families!  

Addressing pandemic learning loss is turning out to be much more of a marathon than a sprint to the school year-end finish line, but Tutor A Team can help! Contact us today to learn more.