Summer Tutoring and SAT Test Prep in Virginia Beach Chesapeake

Summer is time for fun in the sun, sand, and surf, right? For some kids, summer is a really important time to work on academic areas where they struggle. 

This summer, your school division may be offering summer learning opportunities to help kids who need a bit of extra help preparing for next school year, or reviewing material learned this school year. 

Two of the largest school districts in Hampton Roads have different approaches to summer school this year. In Chesapeake Public Schools, courses will be offered for students needing to repeat a course, as well as special education, algebra prep, and enrichment opportunities. In Virginia Beach Public Schools, two programs are offered: one to repeat courses, and a summer “Boost” program for extra help or extra practice. 

Depending on the program you select in your school division, instruction may be delivered either in an asynchronous format, or in person at a school building. With such varied programs offered within the school divisions, partnering with a Tutor A Team tutor will help your child get the most out of any summer school program offered at school. 

Let’s explore more about why you should consider hiring a tutor this summer:

A Year Like No Other

We can likely all agree that since March of 2020, our kids have dealt with many twists and turns in their school life. From their school year being cut short, to virtual learning, a hybrid return to school, and now with many districts phasing students back into the buildings, kids have needed to adjust, readjust, and modify their expectations of what “school” looks like this year. We know that consistency matters, and the past 15 months have been anything but consistent. 

Assessment for Skill Building

To ensure the progress continues, we need to know exactly where your child is and how we can help them build critical skills. A big part of this process is building the support team. We work with your child’s teacher, the child, and the caregivers to build a circle of support. Are there skill gaps from previous units? Reading or math difficulties that undermine every unit? Identifying these weaknesses and communicating openly with the teacher and parents is essential to helping your child succeed. 

One-on-One Tutoring

While schools are putting lots of learning materials online, your student may not understand those materials or know how to navigate the curriculum. Even in-person instruction can be confusing if it’s with a new teacher or in a group of students with various abilities. Our tutors can work through the  asynchronous lessons to help your child absorb the material presented, and give extra practice, if needed.

Prepare for the SAT, ACT, or Next Year’s SOLs

Many parents use grades and standardized testing as a way to gauge how their kids are doing on grade-level skills. With most of the SOL testing canceled in 2020, many parents are waiting on this year’s results to get a good idea of their child’s progress on learning standards. Working with a tutor can help your child solidify their knowledge in key areas.  

Flexible Summer Tutoring

The school year is super busy with after school activities, sports, and other commitments. Many families find that scheduling tutoring sessions during the summer allows their child to keep up the momentum of learning when their days are a bit more open.

Learning and Enrichment

Some kids need more challenge and are ready to move to the next level in various subjects. Summer provides a lighter schedule to explore areas of interest or prepare for the next SAT and ACT testing dates.

Whether your child is looking for enrichment studies or needs some extra support to catch up this summer, our tutors are here to help. When you contact Tutor A Team, we’ll talk about your child’s needs and how we can best support them in reaching their goals and finding success.