Once you’ve decided your child needs some extra help from a tutor, you may be wondering how it all works. What strategies will help your child get back on track as quickly as possible? 

We like to think of tutoring as a bit like firefighting. We can’t battle the smoldering embers until the raging fire is under control. Each child is different, and our tutors understand this. The tutoring approach needs to match the student’s most immediate needs. 

Daily Homework or Upcoming Tests 

These are the raging fires. Our tutors first focus on getting your child up-to-speed on the homework due this week and preparing for the next test. This immediately relieves the intense pressure to improve and gives the child a sense of control. It also allows your child to find some success right away, so that he is more motivated to continue working.

| Tutoring Virginia Beach ChesapeakeTutoring Is Like Firefighting

Assessment for Skill Building

To ensure the progress continues, we need to know exactly where your child is and how we can help them build critical skills. A big part of this process is building the support team. We work with your child’s teacher, the child, and the caregivers to build a circle of support. Are there skill gaps from previous units? Reading or math difficulties that undermine every unit? Identifying these weaknesses and communicating openly with the teacher and parents is essential to helping your child succeed. 

Skill Building with a Tutor

Once the raging fires are out, we can start tackling the smoking embers. We help your child build the fundamental skills needed to find future success. If your child needs assistance with planning and organizing, our tutors will also work on applying those important skills in their classes. 

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

For some kids, tutoring for a short time gets them moving in the right direction. For others, tutoring is a longer term endeavor to build basic skills and learn how to study and prepare for school challenges. That’s why we don’t have a planned curriculum that we use with every child, and we do not require long-term contracts with our customers. We work with you to determine exactly what your child needs, and we customize our approach and our tutoring sessions to meet your child where she is. 

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