Ah … the last few weeks of school. Now is the time we should be seeing the end in sight, begin celebrating this year’s successes, and look forward to the day we see them racing off the school bus with a backpack stuffed with their desk belongings and a skip in their step because summer is finally here.

Instead, the ambiguous end to a school year may leave us wondering where exactly our kid is academically, what areas they need more help with, and whether they are ready for the next grade. The Hampton Roads school districts are wrapping up their learning plans in the next few weeks. There are some things you can do now to prepare for a long summer and unknown school scenario in the fall:

1. Ask your child’s teacher for a virtual conference.

This is a good opportunity to walk through the main areas of study for your child’s grade, and get an assessment from the teacher on how your child is doing in each area. Be prepared before your conference with your specific questions. What things should your kid work on over the summer? Take notes during the call. This will help you make your summer plan

2. Ask for resources.

Are there places you can go to enhance learning? Teachers are a wealth of knowledge on resources. For example, if your elementary child was to study Jamestown this year, but that fabulous field trip got canceled, there are online virtual field trips available. Is it as good as the real thing? No. Of course in-person learning is best, but it may fill in some gaps for your child and spark an area of interest.

3. Beware the summer slide.

Does your kid struggle with maintaining math or reading skills over the best of summers? Be aware that this summer may be even more of a challenge and look more like a six-month slide. Look for ways to engage them with “fun math” like cooking with you in the kitchen, and finding reading that really excites them. 

4. Know when to ask for help.

If your child really struggled with online or packet learning during this virtual learning spring, now is the time to get some help and keep them on track.   

You’re Not Alone

You have abundant choices when it comes to hiring a tutor.  We think we are your best choice, as we will customize a plan that suits your needs and most of all, works for your child. Our tutors are highly trained, specialized, and have valuable experience teaching kids. Reach out to us today and we’ll talk about how we can help.