We want to tell you about this cool thing we do called the Final Five and how you can use it to help your child stay on track in school. The Final Five is how we spend the last five minutes of tutoring sessions  with our K-6 families, and it’s designed to maximize the effectiveness of tutoring sessions and enable parents to help their children – even when we aren’t there. 

For the last five minutes of each session, the tutor has the parent join the student. The tutor first explains to the parent what the child and tutor covered in that day’s session. 

Next, the tutor explains to the parent what he or she can do until the next session to support the child’s progress in that subject. This might include:

– Discussing any upcoming tests or projects the student can be working on. 
– Explaining what the child needs in terms of home support, whether that be materials, study space, someone to review homework or listen to reading. 
– Giving the parent and child a small task or project that will enable to child to practice and support the child’s progress in that subject until the tutor returns.   

We started doing this because many parents told us they want to help and be involved in their child’s academic success, but they don’t know what specifically to do. The Final Five gives parents direction for that goal. 

Here’s the neat thing about the Final Five – you can do it with your child even if you don’t have a tutor! 

Recent studies have shown that parents who hover too much or get too involved in their child’s homework completion are actually counterproductive and ineffective. They actually prevent their child from learning and developing problem-solving independence. So instead of doing that (and if you’ve ever done it, you know your child doesn’t enjoy it anyway), try using the Final Five to support your kid’s growth in school. 

Ask your child to talk to you about his or her schoolwork for the last five minutes of each homework session. For your own Final Five, you can:

– Review your child’s planner and talk about upcoming projects or assessments. 
– Ask if your child had any trouble with the assignments and suggest troubleshooting strategies. Would watching a YouTube tutorial help? Can you answer a couple questions? Can the child speak to his or her teacher to get some extra direction? 
– Talk about your child’s academic goals for the week. What’s a priority? What’s going on at school? What’s interesting? 

Your own Final Five allows you to do daily “pulse checks” with your child without micromanaging his or her schoolwork. You’ll know when problems are cropping up and develop an ongoing conversation with your child about school. 

Our Final Five helps you get the most out of every tutoring session. We really want to see your child succeed! Let us know how we can help.