A recent study revealed that only 8% of Americans successfully keep their New Year’s resolutions, which is a shame, because January is the perfect time for students to embrace a clean slate and set goals for the second semester.

​Why is January so perfect?
Well, for one, students are generally well-rested after a break for the holidays. Also, with midterm exams and the second semester beginning, it’s a good time for reflecting on study habits and taking steps for improvement. 

Let’s talk about some resolutions that could benefit your child as we begin the New Year:

Resolution #1: Get Organized
Now is the time to clean out binders, go through the desk, and set up a clean, well-organized study area. It’s hard to stay on top of things if your work space is cluttered and messy! 

Resolution #2: Keep and Use a Planner
Students, particularly middle school students, love to think they can remember everything they need to do. “I don’t need to write it down!” they say … until suddenly they are caught empty-handed when a big assignment’s due, or they find themselves unprepared for a test. The start of a fresh, clean year is perfect for choosing a planner that works for your student and teaching him/her how to record homework, check off tasks, and keep track of project deadlines. 

Resolution #3: Set “Now and Later” Goals
It can be hard for young students to see the point of the daily school grind and be motivated by its impact on their future. Homework is important but it can also be hard and boring — while video games, friends, and sports are fun right now! Help your student make the connection between the daily work of school and long-term goals. Discuss future dreams and career plans, and set one “later” goal. Maybe your child wants to be a veterinarian, so that’s the later goal. Then talk to your child about how the work he or she does every day in school connects to that “later” goal, and set a “now” goal that will be a building block for that future dream. Maybe your child needs to improve her science grade because she will want to establish strong skills in biology and chemistry for her future career. Helping your child make the connection between now and later can be very motivating!

As always, if your child needs support reaching for academic goals, let us know. We love to help!