It can be really hard to help your own child overcome school troubles. 

The problem is that you, the parent, can’t get an objective view of the situation. You hear your child’s version of events, and the teacher’s version of events may not match. Your child may blame the teacher or be afraid to admit to her real level of effort. The teacher may be overwhelmed with struggling students and unable to give your child the time she needs. 

Everyone may feel defensive about the situation, and the truth is likely somewhere in between the version you hear from your child and the teacher. 

We recently received this note from one of our tutors, and we think it highlights an important benefit of hiring a professional tutor:

“I met with Sam and his mom this morning for an hour. The trouble he has been having has been remedied, but we are meeting again next week to work some more and to work ahead. It is my opinion that the teacher, being new, is leaving out some important steps in the problem solving process. Once I showed those to Sam, he was fine. Prior to this unit, he was doing well in class, but we will keep going back as we prepare for his midterm. We will continue to work as needed and schedule time to review for the midterm exam as well. I just wanted to give you an update. They are a very nice family.”

In this situation, the fresh perspective of a professional tutor not only helped get the child back on track, it also gave the child’s mother an understanding of what was going on and how her son could address the issue moving forward. 

It’s not about assigning blame, but it IS about getting an objective handle on the issues affecting your child’s performance in school. Just one or two sessions with a caring, conscientious tutor can make all the difference for your son or daughter. 

If you’ve been frustrated or confused by your child’s school troubles, leave us a comment or get in touch today! You can fill out our web form or call us at (757) 410-1919. We love to troubleshoot students’ problems, and we’re happy to offer a fresh, objective perspective.